A room for living | living room decorating ideas

Living room decorating ideas are often the most challenging to come up with because there are so many ways to go! These days, thankfully, the forbidden-barely-living-room has essentially become a thing of the past. We actually USE our living rooms. As a matter of fact, most of my clients have turned their living rooms into a second FAMILY ROOM. (any room with comfortable seating and a TV.) :] Sometimes the living room becomes a playroom, or sometimes, it even becomes the dining room and the dining room becomes an office or den.  I’ve even had two clients who’ve put a pool table in their “living room.” Hey, why the hell not? They love it. It works and they use it! The new living room, IS a family room and more often than not, it features a television, most likely mounted onto the wall and a large sofa that doubles as a bed. haha! (yes, that’s another story.) That’s the way we now LIVE. However, the new living room, unlike the “‘DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING!” antiquated one, must be kid/pet friendly, featuring indestructible fabrics, non-breakable but gorgeous objects!
living room decorating ideasAlexa Hampton
Previously, we began to explore a home’s entry and how vital it is for it to integrate with the rest of the home; pretty obvious..  Now, I would like to move on to the living room decor.
Ahhh… yes, the “living room.” In days of yore, the so-called “living room” was the room that no one actually ever went into. (except on rare occasions, like at Christmas, grandma coming for a visit or for a bris. That sort of thing)  Maybe it should’ve been called the “barely living room?”  My first design blog, I entitled it “A Room for Living,” because shouldn’t ALL rooms be useful and used for living on a regular basis? Well, I think so.

Here are just a few of my favorite rooms for living. Each of them have many elements that create what I believe makes for a wonderful room to live in! I hope that you enjoy them too!